Historic cottage on the move

This historic cottage at106 McDonald Lane in Bay St. Louis is set to be moved on Wednesday (Dec. 13) to a lot at 218 Washington Street, starting around 9 or 10 a.m. Not much information is available on the cottage itself, but it possibly may have been moved to McDonald Lane from Logtown.

The cottage will be moved from its present site a short distance to Beach Boulevard, turn right on the beach and then right again on to Washington Street.

The kitchen and bathroom had to be removed before the move along with the front section of the roof to pass under the oak trees on the first block of Washington. The house will be reassembled at its new location.

The permit for this move was reported here Oct. 31. Since then, the Bay St. Louis Building Department has issued six permits, all residential, for five single-family houses and one bulkhead/pier. Total value for all the projects was $1,244,489 and total fees were $7,877. The houses are on S. Nassau, Manhattan, Banks, Keller and Elaine.
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One thought on “Historic cottage on the move

  1. Hello Lisa. My question tonight is—— was a permit issued for the four containers on Chantilly Terrace? Just wondering. Huge.

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