Bay Council workshop & meeting agendas: fireworks, design guidelines & menace hearings




MARCH 20, 2018

4:30 p.m.

1. Vacation Pay for City Employees

2. Public Forum (Agenda Items Only)

3. Council business, requests and/or information

4. Adjourn

If you would like to speak at Public Forum, please sign the Public Forum sign-in sheet before 4:45 p.m. as it will be pulled at that time.

The sign-in sheet is located beside the agenda on the table just outside the Council Chambers.





MARCH 20, 2018

5:30 p.m.

1. Public Hearing

a) Declare 525 Old Spanish Trail a menace

b) Declare 3013 Second Street a menace

2. Guests

a) Jennifer Baxter – New Hancock County Library System Executive Director

b) Evan Weems – Request for adoption of Resolution regarding Opioid litigation

3. City Clerk/Comptroller’s Report

a) Consent Agenda – Spread

 Cash Balances

 Certification Letter

 Payroll dated March 5, 2018 for the Court Judge

 Payroll dated March 14, 2018

b) Action Items

 Spread on Minutes – Payroll for individual dated March 12, 2018

 Docket of Claims #18-010 dated 03-20-18

001 General Fund $391,235.26

005 Municipal Reserve Fund $2,106.16

200 Debt Service Fund $28,618.74

250 2014 Bond Sinking Fund $28,574.67

400 Utility Operating Fund $264,033.00

400 Utility Debt Service Fund $762.47

400 Utility Meter Deposit $14.95

400 Utility Capital & Maintenance $14,890.01

450 Municipal Harbor Fund $5,004.88

Total $735,240.14

 Docket of Claims #18-011 dated 03-21-1801

270 2016 R&B Debt Service $1,400.00

Total $1,400.00

c) Discussion/Action Items

 Paylocity payroll processing quote

 Authorize closure of bank accounts no longer needed for city purposes

 Absolute Protection, Inc. security system

 SMPDD Agreement for community service participants

 Bids for cameras/access control for the Police Department at City Hall

4. Ordinances

a) Adopt Fireworks Ordinance

b) Adopt Design Guidelines Ordinance

5. Public Forum (Agenda Items Only- 3 minute time limit and must sign in)

6. Engineer’s Report

a) City Projects Update

7. Code Enforcement Report

a) Code Enforcement Report

b) Set Public Hearing for 123 Harrison Court

c) Set Public Hearing for 350 Kellar Street

8. Council/New/Old Business

a) Approve council and mayor attendance MML Summer conference, June 25-27, 2018

b) Clarification of Alice Moseley lease terms

c) Discussion of web design

d) Payroll Ordinance

e) Alice Moseley rental of the “kitchen area” of the Train Depot

9. Mayor’s Report

a) Consent Agenda

Approve travel – Lisa Tilley to Mississippi State University Municipal Clerk Certification Classes, March 26 – 28, 2018, Hattiesburg, registration fee $200.00, meals and lodging for two days, transportation with own vehicle

 Approve street closures – April 14, 2018, 5:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., to allow for half marathon race sponsored by Fit First. Bay St. Louis to Pass Christian, back to Bay St. Louis, Main Street, Beach Boulevard, Service Road, Second Street

 Approve road closure to allow for Joes and Pros Trout Tournament – May 12, 2018 12:00 noon – 10:00 p.m., Beach Boulevard from De Montluzin Street to Main Street.

 Approve support for restoring the passenger rail service along the Mississippi Gulf Coast

b) Discussion/Action Items

10. Attorney’s Report

a) Consent Agenda

b) Discussion/Action Items

 Spread Executed Alice Moseley Lease on the Minutes

11. Public Forum (3 minute time limit and must sign in)

12. Minutes

a) February 20, 2018

b) March 6, 2018

13. Adjourn

If you would like to speak at either Public Forum, please sign the appropriate Public Forum sign-in sheet by the agenda on the table just outside the Council Chambers.

Please sign in by 6:30 p.m. for the Agenda Items Only Public Forum as that form will be pulled at that time.

The sign-in sheet for the Any Topic Public Forum will be pulled later in the meeting.

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