Bay Council agenda: P&Z apps, appointments & ordinances


Bay Saint Louis

City Council Meeting

May 8, 2018

5:30 p.m.

1. Guests

a) Helene Loiacano – Present Bay Saint Louis Police Department with a gift of $800.00

2. Public Forum – Agenda Items Only (Must sign in and 3 minute time limit)

3. City Clerk/Comptroller’s Report

a) Consent Agenda – Spread

 Cash Balances

 Certification Letter

 Payroll dated April 26, 2018

b) Action Items

 Spread on Minutes – Payroll for individual dated April 23, 2018

 Docket of Claims #18-016 dated 05-08-18

001 General Fund $117,334.68

200 Debt Service Fund $5,523.79

330 County Road & Bridge (First) $4,025.62

400 Utility Operating Fund $91,743.44

450 Municipal Harbor Fund $32,251.16

650 Community Hall Unearned $5,465.00

Total $256,343.69

 Docket of Claims #18-017 dated 05-08-18

001 General Fund $500.00

Total $500.00

c) Discussion/Action Items

 Revised Payroll Ordinance

 Approval of Cintas contract for our Public Works and Harbor Departments

 Paylocity payroll processing quote/references

 I-Pads/Covers/Monthly charges

i. Purchase of (2) I-Pads (9.7 – 32GB With Retina Display – WIFE + Cellular) from C-Spire for $222.00 per I-Pad for a total of $444.00 for Building Inspectors use.

ii. Purchase two I-Pad covers at $89.99 each for a total of $179.98

iii. Authorize estimated monthly charges to be added to the City’s existing C-Spire Account of Unlimited Data $33.99/per I-Pad, Insurance $6.95/ per I-Pad for a Total Monthly Charge per I-Pad = $40.94

4. Ordinances

a) Spread – Proof of Publication – Fireworks Ordinance 623-03-2018

b) Spread – Proof of Publication – Design Guidelines Ordinance 624-03-2018

c) Spread – Ordinance and Proof of Publication – Harbor Ordinance

5. Planning and Zoning

a) SUSAN GRAVATT – Application for variance to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant’s intention is to build a carport/storage building to the side yard of the property. The applicant is asking for a variance for a 3ft setback to the side yard where a 5ft setback is required. The property in question is located at 253 Bay Oaks Drive; Parcel#137Q-0-36-161.000, Block 1, Lot 3, Bay Oaks Subdivision. This property is zoned R-1, Single Family District. Recommend denial 6/0

b) WILLIAM & BEVERLY SUMMERS – Application for an amendment to the Official Zoning Map. The applicants are asking for a map amendment to change the four (4) Parcels of land from R-1A, Residential Single Family District, to the classification of C-3 Highway Commercial District. The properties in question are located on Tigris St; Parcel#139A-0-29-418.001, Part 28, Block 218, Unit 12, Shoreline Park. Parcel#139A—0-29-419.000, Part 29, Block 218, Unit 12, Shoreline Park. Parcel#139A-0-29-420.000, Part 30, Block 218, Unit 12, Shoreline Park. Parcel#139A-0-29-421.000, Part 31, Block 218, Unit 12, Shoreline Park. This property is zoned R-1A, Residential Single Family District. Recommend approval 6/0

c) MONICA MICHEL – Application for amendment to the Zoning Map and a Special Exception to the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant is asking to change the parcel of land from an R-2, Two Family District to the zoning classification of I-1, Limited Industrial District. In addition, the applicant is asking to amend SECTION 621 CHART OF USES in the I-1 District to allow the use of a “Retail Shop” by Special Exception. This will allow the applicant to carry out a retail business which will be used as a vintage shop on this parcel of land. The property in question is located at 247 Ballentine St; Parcel#149N-0-30-076.000, 25 Ballentine Subdivision Y-6-420/314 AA39-657. The property is currently zoned R-2, Single Family District. Recommend denial 6/0

6. Engineer’s Report

a) City Projects Update

b) Authorize Mayor Favre to sign the CEI Contract with James J. Chiniche, PA Inc. for the Carroll Avenue Safe Routes Project – Federal Aid Project No. SRSP-0030-00(034)LPA / 106939-401000

c) Authorize James J. Chiniche, PA Inc. to advertise to receive bids for the Carroll Avenue Sidewalk Project – Federal Aid Project No. SRSP-0030-00(034)LPA / 106939-401000

7. Council/New/Old Business

a) Spread executed contract with Absolute Protection, Inc. with Bay Saint Louis Addendum

b) Spread executed contract with Senior Service American, Inc. and Senior Community Service Employment Host Agency Agreement and the Senior Community Service Employment Program Host Agency Agreement for the host programs through South Mississippi Planning and Development District

c) Spread executed contract with Lime Pi

d) Approve Resolution for Curbside Recycling details to Hancock County Solid Waste Authority

e) Approve street sweeper purchase

f) Ed Edwards – prosecutor appeals contract

g) Action item – Public Forum

h) Granicus Agenda and Minutes Automation/Video Quote

i) Stennis Institute of Government proposal for employee handbook, handbook & salary comparison, and comprehensive study

8. Mayor’s Report

a) Consent Agenda

 Privilege license report

 Approve street closure, March 30, 2019 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Beach Boulevard, Washington Street to Union Street to allow for half marathon fundraiser sponsored by Fit First

 Ratify the Mayor’s appointment of John Bezou Sr. to the Historical Preservation Commission

 Ratify the Mayor’s appointment to the Hancock County Utility Authority

 Approve accepting the following items donated to the Fire Department by The United State Navy

i. 26 NIN 01-147-1091 Fire Extinguisher

ii. 3 Thorgood rubber Firefighter Boots

iii. 12 NIN 01-139-4972 Foam Liquid AFFF

 Declare the following items surplus, and donated to the Waveland Fire Department

i. 12 NIN 01-139-4972 Foam Liquid AFFF

 DOJ spending

b) Discussion/Action Items

 Noise Ordinance

 Pilot project to apply a chip seal/DBST to one of the dirt roads

 Authorize purchase of mini tractor from Parish Tractor for $12,000.00 – Mississippi State Contract bid and discuss lease purchase or purchase

 New/Old Business

 Executive Session (if needed)

9. Attorney’s Report

a) Consent Agenda

b) Discussion/Action Items

10. Public Forum – Any topic (Must sign in and 3 minute time limit)

11. Minutes

a) April 17, 2018 Workshop

b) April 17, 2018

12. Adjourn

If you would like to speak at either Public Forum, please sign the appropriate Public Forum sign-in sheet by the agenda on the table just outside the Council Chambers.

Please sign in by 5:40 p.m. for the Agenda Items Only Public Forum as it will be pulled at that time.

The sign-in sheet for the Any Topic Public Forum will be pulled later in the meeting.

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