MDEQ issues water contact advisories for beaches in Bay, Long Beach

JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), through its Beach Monitoring Program, issued water contact advisories Saturday for sampling stations in Hancock County and Harrison County. These segments of beach are not closed; however, there may be an increased risk of illness associated with swimming in these areas. MDEQ is working closely with…

Back on the grid

AT&T installed a new modem and removed a mysterious piece of U-Verse equipment from my office last night and now I’m back in business. Except the TV is still dead. I talked with a TV repairman this morning and he said he stays busy this time of year with all the lightning strikes knocking out…

Slightly off the grid

A lightning strike yesterday has knocked out my modem, telephone and television. Those are listed in order of importance. AT&T is coming out this evening to replace the modem and phone stuff. So this little post, crafted on my iPhone, will have to stand on its own for now.

Seersucker Season

After a full celebratory weekend – birthday plus Mikki’s baby shower – it’s time to get back to business on this Monday morning. I’m gathering up some good news about local restaurants and some more real estate news, so check back daily. In the meantime, here’s Gregory Peck in seersucker. Enjoy.