We’re back. Officially.

Here’s the deal:

I was getting burned out writing this blog and decided to end it after seven years. But encouragement from longtime readers and subscribers got me to reconsider.

So I decided to reupholster Lisa Monti’s Notebook and freshen up its look.

That’s when things got ugly.

The emails notifying subscribers when new posts went up quit working and I wasted countless hours trying to fix the problem.

Many, many hours.

Surely, I thought, this was a sign giving me permission to hang up the blog.

But then I whined one more time on Facebook about my hatred for WordPress, which I use to publish this blog, and my friend Fee Genin suggested I ask her son about helping me fix the infernal email mess.

Turns out, John Genin is a WordPress guy. And then some. He’s an experienced, talented web developer and business strategist offering web design, social media strategy, advertising on social media and Google and SEO services through his company, Genin Media. As an attorney, John also offers consulting and legal advice to keep your business protected in the tech/business world. John’s resume includes developing Mississippi State’s website and growing MSU’s social media presence. All that and more.

He doesn’t list being patient and polite when working with all-thumbs clients like me but he really should.

John and I exchanged who-knows how many emails until we got to the point where, thankfully, I’m able to send out email notifications about new posts on Lisa Monti’s Notebook. I’m so grateful.

Bottom line: John’s the guy. Go to geninmedia.com if you need help with all things digital.

Thanks for reading. And if you’re so inclined, grab a broom and enjoy the day.  It’s Witches Walk in the Bay.