P&Z votes: What’s next for the KC Hall & Reed Hotel properties?

Builder Rodney Corr at last night’s P&Z meeting.

By my count, the Bay St. Louis Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend approving all of the applications on the April 26 agenda. The pace of approvals slowed when they got to two major projects near the end of that agenda.

The Moss/Combs application for variances at 315 Main St. drew plenty of comments, both written and in person. The developers want to build 10 apartments in the the old KC Hall, which has been vacant for years. Parking for the guests was a major concern of speakers, as was protecting the 100-plus-year old oaks on the property. Some praised the project as a vast improvement to a long-vacant property and others suggested the project move forward but in a downsized version. The developer and architect responded to questions and comments as well. This is the first step in a multi-step process to get the project approved by the city before anything happens. Commissioners voted their recommendation to approve the application 5-0 and passed it along to the City Council. 

Next up was builder Rodney Corr, who wants to subdivide the old Reed Hotel property at 400 North Beach into eight new parcels, six of which would be for a family-style subdivision. Again, residents were concerned about density, oak trees and parking. Corr said he met or exceeded all of the city’s requirements regarding density. The commissioners voted 3-2 (Doescher and Romano) to recommend approval of the application and tossed this hot potato right over to the Council to handle. 

The agenda concluded with a text amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance involving the Medical Cannabis Act to allow dispensaries and such. I’ll get back to you on what happened with that.

UPDATE: Medical Cannabis text amendment passed last night.

All of the P&Z applications will be on the Council agenda at the May 3 meeting.
Here’s yesterday’s agenda: https://wp.me/p3Lxfz-489

You can watch a rerun of last night’s meeting on the city’s website. Go to https://baystlouisms.iqm2.com/

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6 thoughts on “P&Z votes: What’s next for the KC Hall & Reed Hotel properties?

  1. I was so disappointed when Mr Breland voted Yes supporting the Beach Blvd development…only to add…give it to the city council and let them decide. Why sit on this board if not to vote your conscience, and be knowledgeable of the request. “give it to the council”? Either say yes, I agree…or no, I don’t.
    This is not about whether I personally agree with Rodney’s request..it’s about having appointments on this board that do their homework, and vote accordingly.

  2. I worry more about how the elected officials spend public money. They just recently donated the old city hall to the Chamber of Commerce under market value and we pay all cost to include insurance and utilities. About a $10-15K deficit to the taxpayer. The neighborhood he is developing are the only ones with a dog in fight. I try not worry about private money.

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