Building permits: Yawn.

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First, a question: How are you liking the new garbage collection service so far? Pickup time on my street went from 6 p.m. for the first few days to 5:45 a.m. Let’s hear how you think they’re doing so far.


Bay St. Louis building permits
May 2-6


# of permits
Residential 4
Commercial 0
Total 4

Residential $369,244
Commercial $0
Total $369,244

Residential $2,475
Commercial $0
Total $2,475

Residential projects
New house on St. John Street
Boathouse on Koenenn Lane
Reconstruct roof on Highland Drive
Bulkhead & piers on Cardinal Street

Thanks to Mary Ann in the Building Department.

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2 thoughts on “Building permits: Yawn.

  1. My garage pickup is fine; however these recycle requirements are ridiculous. I believe these restrictions will greatly decrease people’s desire to recycle. I hope I have misunderstood the rules because the amount I will recycle will be greatly reduced.

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