Bay Council recap: Lessons learned

I’m not sure if going to a city council meeting is the best way to learn civics.

There was a student from OLA and some other students in the audience at last night’s Bay St. Louis council meeting, where the contentious streak between the administration and some council members continued.

There were angry exchanges among officials, outbursts from the audience and even a guy who wore a T shirt mocking the recent arrest of a city official. Now there’s a lesson in freedom of speech for you.

Usually these meetings are pretty calm, if not dull, but there is a growing trend toward some pretty distasteful behavior. Lately council members have boycotted meetings and delayed votes, and fingers are pointing in every direction.

It’s time to move on from this dysfunction. There are kids watching. And voters, too.

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6 thoughts on “Bay Council recap: Lessons learned

  1. You are absolutely correct. When students pay attention, something is wrong. Our city leaders were always leaders. How pathetic.It is a good lesson on how government should not rely on whomever was their “friend” when running for office. When are we as citizens going to take back the Bay?

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