Bay Council Recap: lights out

council front row

The Bay Council’s Dec. 22 meeting started off with the members’ vote to give the go ahead to the $4 million construction bond, 7-0, to applause. It’s been a long time in the making.

David Baria made a pitch for help to improve the soccer fields. No promises of money from the council but lots of suggestions on getting some improvements done in the meantime.

During the public forum, there was the reasonable suggestion to post minutes of the council meetings on the city’s website. Can’t believe that hasn’t been done by now.

If there was a recurring theme last night, it was burned out street and highway lights.

The council opened four bids for the annual city audit and chose by 6-0 Culumber Harvey & Associates of Gulfport whose bid came in at $45,240 for the first year and $46,600 for the second year.

The city clerk position is still up in the air. Who will handle comptroller duties and who will do city clerk duties? Council voted 7-0 to advertise both positions. To be continued.

Should the city buy water? To be continued next month.

Councilman Mike Favre asked if the city can buy more natural gas while prices are low. Carried over to next meeting.

Much discussion on Attorney Don Rafferty’s contract. Compensation, benefits, etc. Also carried over.

I left at the two-hour mark but learned later that the council voted to ratify the mayor’s appointment of Kevin Jordan to the Historic Preservation Commission.

Continued next year.

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