Bay Council recap: March 22 meeting


Gas meter

Here’s a brief look at what happened at Tuesday’s meeting:

  • The Council voted to join the Coastal broadband loop. Seal said no thanks.
  • Docket of claims approved.
  • Port and Harbor Commission kerfuffle put to rest. 1980 attorney general’s opinion notwithstanding, Robert Kane’s selection stands.
  • Any and all raises given from Feb. 16 to March 22 rescinded.
  • Council workshop set March 28 at 5:30.
  • Best quote of the night (up until 8:30 anyway) “Word of mouth gets around.”

And, as usual, the Angry People’s Choir was in full throat, with a particularly disrespectful outburst. Most popular refrains: Consequences! Accountability! Outrage! Deception!

Can I get a “Not again!”

Next meeting: April 5.

3 thoughts on “Bay Council recap: March 22 meeting

  1. Thank you Lisa for your diligence. I have often been tempted to film all of those “angries” at those meetings. I’m sure they no idea the amount of hate and hostility shows on their faces (not counting the carnage of words they utter “. Their demeanor reminds me of an angry mob…

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