The Find: Bay Life’s got Baggallinis!

The Find is an occasional feature that spotlights something too good not to share.

Bay Life Gifts is a favorite shopping spot for coastal home decor, local artwork, accessories and food items. But until I took a turn for the sale rack tucked in a small side space, I didn’t know there were Baggallinis. How did I miss this sentimental favorite?

The Baggallini line of lightweight, water-resistant bags was famously founded by two flight attendants who designed a “better travel bag” for going around the block or overseas.

I got bit by the Baggallini bug at a New Orleans luggage store. As a fan of all things travel, I was immediately hooked on the versatile bags with the dizzying layers of pockets and pouches, zippers and snaps. You can pack an amazing amount of stuff inside one of these stylish bags.

My first Baggallini was deep brown with a reddish-orange interior, about the size of a small briefcase. If it hadn’t been for Katrina, I’d probably still have it. My new one from Bay Life is a small, black criss-cross model with tan trim. And, oh, those pockets.

Bay Life has a fine selection of Baggallinis now and owner Janice Guido says there’s more to come.

Bay Life Gifts, 111D Main St., Bay St. Louis. 228-304-0636.

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