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Lisa Monti is a freelance writer and photographer who lives and works in Bay St. Louis, Miss. She is a regular contributor to South Mississippi Living and Mississippi Business Journal. Her stories and photos have appeared in newspapers, business journals and lifestyle publications around the country.IMG_0065

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12 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello Lisa,

    I write a blog for Beatle fans and I am going to be posting some photos and stories of fans who saw the Beatles 50 years ago during their American tour in 1964. I love the photo you posted of you and the other fans at the New Orleans concert and was wondering if I could have your permission to post the photo on my blog. I will credit you and link back to this blog.

    Sara S.

  2. Hello Lisa:

    Melva Fisher put me in touch with your blog. I subscribed today and am so looking forward to receiving it. Hope this finds you well. I hope to get to the Bay in January and will look you up.

    Betsy Pincus (your old neighbor)

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