A most disturbing trend

I love a good moonshine story. Probably because I’m not unfamiliar with the topic. Family stills were part of some of our neighborhoods when some of us were kids.

Anyway, The Picayune Item reported this week that a reckless driver by the last name of Necaise was found in possession of 14 gallons of moonshine in the city of Picayune.

Here’s what reportedly happened:

Said suspect Mr. Necaise, of Pass Christian, prompted an anonymous complaint that a blue pickup was swerving recklessly down the highway.

Officers stopped the truck and asked Mr. Necaise to get out. Then, it appears, Mr. Necaise threw in the towel. “He advised he had moonshine in the bed of his truck,” the paper reported.

Sure enough, the officers found the 10 one-gallon jugs plus four more in the cab of the truck.

They also found what may be a disturbing trend: flavored moonshine.

 Wrote the reporter: “A bottle of coconut flavoring and a bottle of banana flavoring were also recovered from the vehicle. (Deputy Chief Chad) Dorn said Necaise stated he used the flavoring to flavor the liquor.”

My first thought: Throw away the key.

What’s next? Cotton candy moonshine? Pomegranate? It’s bad enough perfectly good tasting vodka has been subjected to all that flavoring. Who would have imagined moonshine would be, too?

3 thoughts on “A most disturbing trend

  1. My dad just flipped over in his grave. I dare say there was always moonshine in the house when I was a child…decanted, mind you, from the jug to a bottle of respectable size. But flavoring?! Who would do such a thing? You are right. They should throw away the key.

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